First post of a new year.

So 2017 is here. So glad that 2016 is over. Personally 2016 was a pretty good year, but politically it has been the worst year in my memory. I really don’t understand people anymore. I think that there is just a total disconnect. This is a post-fact, anti-science country now. At least I am in my bubble within a bubble in San Francisco. Even though I have witnessed the city I love and what I love about this city erode away. 

What is the Chinese Cure? To live in Interesting times.

Well, the times they are definitely interesting. 

My half-assed New Years Day resolution is to write more, hopefully every day if possible, if for no other reason that to document this “Best of Times, Worst of Times” year.

At the Mercury Cafe in Hayes Valley, having a cafe latte on this most beautiful of days, Jan 1, in SF. I’m going to ride around on my DRZ and take some pictures.