Dialing in the TE610

So… Made it back from Yakima, Washington in one piece. The Husky had some issues but nothing major. I noticed that the caliper was shaking a bit and braking was wonky.  And running on full knobbies on the street was “special”. I decided to just slab it back in speed run and I was glad that I did.


My main motivator for that decision was that the tires might not make it, but once I actually got in the city my front brake seized at a stop light and wouldn’t let go. I had my tools so  I managed to get it loosened again and just used my rear brake to get me the 1/4 mile home. When changing the tires ( I went with Shinko 700, which is more street friendly while still aggressive enough for mild dirt) I

noticed that the front rotor was very visibly bent. Ordered some an EBC rotor. When it arrived I noticed that it was the exact same pattern as the OEM one, so I guess the stock is EBC. I rebuilt the caliper, though I reused the seals ( I’ll order and change them shortly). I also cleaned out the master. Getting the air out of the system was a PITA, but managed to do it finally by pushing fluid up from the caliper ( I tried bleeding it normally for about 45 minutes with not success, but the up from the caliper method had the air out in 5 min). The other gremlin that had me annoyed was the HID low beam would go out. I cleaned up the rather janky electrics behind the lights but it is still an issue. I have some new HID I can put in there but will try some LED lights to see if I like them. I am REALLY liking the bike, My KTM 625SXC is quicker and nimbler, but the Husky is closer to an everyday “KLR done right” that I have been looking for.