2006 R1200GSA (AKA “Trent”)

So, progress on the new (to me) Beemer. The 2006 R1200GSA that I acquired at an insurance auction last Thursday was picked up and towed to my storage space on Treasure Island on Monday. Battery was completely flat, and it was leaking oil from the left valve cover. But all in all I was very happy with my new acquisition. I was very happy when I received a call from SF BMW that my replacement keys had arrived. The bike did not come with any keys and since the keys have a transponder in it, they had to be ordered from BMW USA directly . I was not thrilled to be charged $190 for 2 keys, but without a key the GSA is nothing more than a REALLY BIG (albeit pretty) doorstop. So after picking up the keys from SFBMW I went to the Island to fiddle with my “new” GSA. After a bit of fiddling I managed to get the seat off and extract the battery. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the date on the BMW brand battery was 2/17. As per usual the beemer batteries are pretty hefty, but I was surprised that it was only 14ah. Hmmmm, I have a Shorai 18ah battery, that would save me like 10lbs right there.

Speaking of weight, I was actually pleasantly surprised that the GSA is not that unwieldy. I mean the thing looks like a frickin’ supertanker, but it is surprisingly easy to handle. Granted the 9 GALLON tank is nearly empty. 

I took the battery home and put it on the charger. The next morning it was fully charged! Woo hoo. After work I went and popped the battery in. Put the key in and turn. She started right up !! Woo hoo!!

71,177 miles on the ODO, so I couple more miles on her than I was expecting, but these engines are overbuilt and understressed so they last Forever ( my ’95 R11GS has 190k miles on her and is still running great!).


So I hopped on and rode her the 7 blocks over to MotoGuild to do an inspection, change the oil and possibly do the valves. Took the crash guards off so I could straighten them out later. Took the bash plate off and drained the 4 quarts of oil out of her. Oil looked good. Took the left side valve cover off. The cover bolts had a little bit of movement, hmm. Took the spark plug coil stick out, hmmm, that definitely looks like a crack. Cover off and looked on the inside, yup valve cover is definitely cracked. Oh well, valve covers are cheap to get on flea bay and CL. After a good hard eyeball check the head looks to be in good shape. With some good karma I should be able to get GSA registered and on the road next week 😀